“Wise people learn when they can; fools learn when they must.”
The Duke of Wellington

We believe in strategy.

As FSI stands for a professional, creative and sustainable communication we would not want you to rush your current project without having a plausible strategy in place. So we might get a bit insisting, when you try to.

Of course we know all about the newest hype. Therefore we wouldn’t let you follow each and every so called trend blindly. We strongly believe, the measures you take should serve your special requirements.

Yes, we do state-of-the-art projects (if you let us). But we do not think too highly of “L’arte pour L’arte”.

We Can Do content: We are writing, localizing and customizing the kind of content your audience loves to read. In English and in German.  Cost-effective and “handmade” for your specific requirements. And no, we don’t believe a simple translation will do the job if you want to be really successful.

We love Social Media! But as we strongly believe in an strategic approach this also relates to our efforts on your behalf on Social.

You see: We can be quite particular sometimes. But as our clients appreciate an open and honest dialogue, that gets them where they want to go, we don’t mind actually.

We take your issues personally. We are truly interested in the people we work with. And we also have a sound interest in results. Therefore we are committed to your strategy issues first.